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About Poised for Success


Canine Musical Freestyle


I know, very well, how challenging it can be to train, choreograph routines, and prepare for performance in the art and sport of Canine Musical Freestyle without the benefit of in-person training classes.  At times it can be difficult to move forward without the structure of frequent lessons, the input of an instructor, and the camaraderie of sharing the experience with classmates.  Fortunately, the internet has given those who train on our own a way to participate in training classes through online learning.


Whether you are training on your own, or are interested in supplementing your current class work, Poised for Success has something for you!  All online classes are designed to provide opportunities to improve your team's foundation skills, to boost your artistry and creativity, to deepen your bond with your dog as you grow in a mutual working partnership, and to use Freestyle to build confidence and enthusiasm in your canine teammate.  In addition, the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program has been designed to help all teams progress from beginner to performer!


Poised for Success is an independent endeavor, and is not affiliated with any Freestyle venue or organization.  Students are welcome from all forms of this highly diverse art and sport, as are those who are interested in Freestyle solely for fun, fitness, cross-training, or entertainment through demonstration.



Kristine Hammar



The most important lesson that I have learned through 10+ years of living, training, and working with dogs is that they are among my greatest teachers.  Each of them has shown me in some unique way that working through challenges and overcoming setbacks with them is an honor and a privilege.  Many of these learning experiences have happened through our experiences in Musical Freestyle and, more recently, through our participation in Canine Parkour.


I began training dogs when I discovered that my first Border Collie, Speedy, was extremely fearful of people and other dogs.  My efforts to help Speedy overcome his fears and gain confidence led us to an incredible journey that culminated in our participation in Freestyle.  In spite of the lifelong challenges of fear and stimulation issues, Speedy and I went on to perform demonstrations at nursing homes, fund raisers for rescue organizations and canine cancer research, club gatherings, and training camps.  In addition, we earned multiple titles in Musical Freestyle and Heelwork to Music through the World Canine Freestyle Organization, and the Dogs Can Dance Challenge.

Although Speedy is no longer with me, he remains my Freestyle inspiration.  He was the one who started it all, and I strive to honor his memory in every Freestyle training session and performance.


One Freestyle partner was simply not enough!  Our Freestyle team now includes Dean, a gorgeous and talented boy who prefers to participate in Freestyle through video, Tessa, a former stray who adores performing in live events, and our youngster, Bandit.  Also no longer with us, my beautiful Border Collie/Lab mix, Maddie, was also part of our team.  She was primarily an Agility dog, and she danced with striking power and enthusiasm.  It has been a privilege to include videos of her Freestyle performances toward our team's submissions in the Dogs Can Dance Challenge.


I am a teacher by profession, and I serve as an instructor at Dandy Dog Training in Newville, Pennsylvania, where I have taught "Movement to Music" and "Introduction to Rally Obedience" and have  co-taught Agility classes ,and I currently teach "Confidence and Self Control", a class based on Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed program, as well as Canine Parkour.  In CSC I help handlers of dogs who struggle with: focus issues, shyness, fear, stimulation issues, competetion stress, mild reactivity, and a host of similar situations, learn how to help their canine companions overcome their challenges through reinforcement based exercises designed to build confidence, self control, enthusiasm, and trust.   In addition, I have taught Freestyle at the vacation camp held at Glen Highland Farm to benefit the Border Collie rescue from which both Dean and Tessa were adopted.

I began to teach classes online in 2012, and I am the founder and owner of the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program.


In addition to Freestyle, my dogs and I enjoy training and competing in Agility, through CPE and NADAC, and Rally Obedience, through World Cynosport and Cyber Rally-O.  Most recently, we have been enjoying Canine Parkour.



Meet the Poised for Success


Demo Crew!














 Various Outdoor Dog Titles

 Puppy Star


Completed Opening Act Level Toward DCD-Ent




Working toward his PFS Freestyle Dynamic Theater Title and PFS Freestyle Master Performer Silver Screen,

 his WCFO Intermediate Title,

 Working in the Sequence, Grand Champion, and Premier Tracks in All Dogs Parkour


Loves to play Agility



My demo partner and video assistant extraordinaire!












ADP-FS1, ADP-FS2, ADP-FS3 (with Kristine)

 ADP-L2 (with Kristine), ADP-L2(Th) (with Kristine)
NTD (with Ben)

 PKD-T (with Ben)

 PFS-M (with Kristine)



Rocky has become an invaluable part of the Poised for Success Demo Crew!



Rocky and I walk together toward his Hiking Hound titles for Outdoor Dog
Rocky is currently working on All Dogs Parkour titles and on his Poised for Success Freestyle Harmony Division Title.










In Special Recognition of


Dean Dog and Tessa


Dean Dog and Tessa were my "second generation" of performance dogs.  I took so much that I had learned with Speedy and Maddie and ran with it with Dean Dog and Tessa.

My work with both of them heavily influenced the development of the Poised for Success Freestyle program, and both were invaluable assistants to me when I was creating the original demo videos.


Dean Dog




DCD-CH3 (Team Hammar)




S-ADP-CH, S-ADP-L3(GC), S-ADP-L2 (Pr), ADP-L2(Th), PKD-T

CL1-R, CL2-H, CL2-F, CTL1-H, TN-N



LeLaRu Awards

(Highest Scoring Performance in a

Dogs Can Dance Challenge Event)


Future of Freestyle Conference Event - 2015

Dance Into Spring Event - 2017


Dean is mostly retired from titling, other than hiking and swimming for Outdoor Dog.

Dean is forever my best trained dog!









C-ATCH (CPE Agility)




DCD-CH3 (Team Hammar)


S-ADP-L2(Se), ADP-FS-1, ADP-FS-2

CH-PKD, Level 1 Under Specialty






Le La Ru Award


Dance Into Spring 2016



The most amazing dog sport performance partner I have ever had, or ever will have, hands down, bar none!

Tessa and I earned 115 titles, and we found joy in every minute of our work and performance throughout the years that we had together.


















In Special Recognition of


Speedy and Maddie Lynn


and Sammie



Speedy and Maddie were my first two performance dogs and they taught me quite a lot of what I have come to know about training and handling performance dogs.


Although Sammie was not a performance dog per se, he was an important part of our class demo team, often playing the part of the "untrained dog" for various exercises.


Although no longer with me, their demo video contributions continue to be a part of our online classes!






My "Barishnacov"




 DCD-CH3 (Team Hammar)




OD-HT1 (Awarded in 2019)


Team Hammar Contributions: 

 Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Classical Freestyle

 Frequent Flyer and International Flyer Musical Interpretation

 Feature Presentation Entertainment

 Feature Presentation toward DCD-Ent2

Speedy, on his own, completed all of the requirements for the Dogs Can Dance Challenge Championship.  He served as our Team's Most Valuable Player. 

Team Hammar really was Team Speedy!


Two time Le La Ru Award winnter for highest scoring performance in a Dogs Can Dance Challenge event


Always and forever, "My best dog"











Maddie Lynn


"The Queen Bee"




NTD (Earned through existing Video in 2014!)

 DCD-CH(3) (Team Hammar)


OD-HT1 (Awarded in 2019)


Team Hammar Contribution:

Opening Act Entertainment


The sweetest girl ever.



  photo DandelionMaddie2.jpg











Snuggler Supreme




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