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PFS Creative Video Contests


Originally started as "Creative Video Freestyle" by Yvonne Kartner, Poised for Success Freestyle is now holding "Creative Video Contests".


These contests are designed to provide a way for Freestylers to share their Freestyle performances with others around the world, to gain performance experience, or simply to have some fun with Canine Musical Freestyle.

Beginners and experienced Freestylers alike are welcome to participate in Creative Video Contests!


Each video contest will feature a different theme, or allow teams to showcase a different skill.


Anyone can participate.

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Summer 2020


Trick it Up!



This contest category is based on the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program Dynamic/Master Performer category "Trick it Up".

If you wish to participate:


- Choreograph a performance, and film yourself and your dog perfoming it

Note:  No specific ring space is required.  You can use whatever space you have, no matter what size.

Just be sure, when filming, that you get the majority of yourself and your dog into the shot.  If at all possible, try not to cut your head off in the video!

- In your performance, feature four tricks as you and your dog perform

Any behavior other than a standard "obedience" behavior (sit, down, stand from a sit, heel, come front from heel or side, swing into position (unless it is a pivot) can be considered a "trick".  Common Freestyle moves, such as spins, leg weaves, etc. may be featured as tricks.

The tricks need not be difficult, but should stand out as somehow "featured" within the context of the performance.

If you are looking for trick ideas, anything listed under "Freestyle Tricks and Moves" in the Technical Leg of the PFS Freestyle Titling Program Overture, Melody, or Harmony Divisions would work, or for prop behaviors, check under "Props and Fitness" in the Handling Leg of those three Divisions.

This can be found at:

Guide to Overture, Melody, and Harmony Divisions

- While the tricks are featured, they should not make up the entire performance.

Movement, heelwork, or performance of other Freestyle moves should be blended in with your team's featured tricks.

- Props may be used, but if you are going to have your dog perform multiple tricks with the same prop, the tricks must be distinct from each other.

- Reinforcers, such as treats and toys, may be used, and may be visible to your dog.


Judging Criteria for Trick it

- At least four different tricks are featured.  (You will identify your tricks with your entry) - 20 Points

- Tricks are featured in a clear way - 12 Points

- Movement, heelwork, or performance of other Freestyle moves are included, along with featured tricks - 15 Points

- All tricks are carried out safely - 10 Points


- Performance is at least 45 seconds long, but no longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds long - 10 Points

- Overall appeal and performance quality at level entered - 10 Points

You may enter under one of two divisions:

            Theater (One performance, start to finish - no editing)
            Silver Screen (The performance is edited in some way)

You may enter under one of two levels:

            Novice (If you are new to Freestyle, have never performed a

                          demo, or submitted a performance for titling in any

                          Freestyle titling venue)

             Advanced (If you have some Freestyle experience, have

                               performed a demo, or submitted a performance

                               for titling in any Freestyle titling venue)

Or, if you do not wish to compete, but would like to participate, you can enter:

             For Exhibition Only


Cost:    Entries are FREE!

Deadline:       August 15, 2020

How to Enter:      Fill in the entry form linked here and send to:


Trick it Up Entry Form Microsoft Word

Trick it Up Entry Form PDF




Note:  As indicated above, this category is based on the "Trick it Up" category from the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program Dynamic Division. 

Teams may not enter a performance that has already been submitted and judged in this category for the Dynamic Division, but teams may use entries for this contest as future submissions for the Dynamic Division, provided your entry meets all criteria for the Dynamic Division.  (A bit more is expected - see the document under "Musical Freestyle Titling Program" for details).





Best wishes to all Entrants!




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