Etude Titles




Etude Titles are Special Event Titles that are offered for a limited time.

Our Current Etude Titles are ....


Bunny Hop (Until August 31)

Festival of Props (Until August 31)


See Etude Title Guidebook for details about the Bunny Hop

Guide to the Bunny Hop


And, for Festival of Props, see the Guidebook for Festival of Props (only).  This title is being offered at two levels this year!


Guide to Festival of Props




If your dog is not registered with Poised for Success Freestyle, please register before entering the Festival of Props.  Registration is free until August 31st.

See "Musical Freestyle Titling Program" (above) for information on registration.


To enter, please copy and paste the following into the body of an email and send to:




Please include the link to your video or playlist with your entry.




           - Handler Name


           - Call Name of Dog


           - PFS Registration Number


           - Etude Title:

           - Indicate if Debut or Laude:


Entry fee for all Etude Titles is $15.00, payable to the email address listed above.





We look forward to seeing your entries!







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