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Poised for Success Freestyle










In addition to being the creator of the Poised for Success Freestyle titling program, I have served as a judge since this titling venue opened.

Prior to the opening of this titling venue, I served as a judge for the Dogs Can Dance Challenge, for the Cyber Rally-O Dance Divisions, and for All Dogs Parkour.

My philosophy as a judge is to strive to appreciate the art and skill of the team in front of me.  I firmly believe that every Freestyle team has something unique to express through their performances, and I focus on providing handlers with positive feedback when I judge any given entry.

The venue has grown quite a bit over the years, and I am pleased at this time to announce that Sherry, who has been assisting me behind-the-scenes for quite a while now, and who has completed the Poised for Success Freestyle Champion title with her dance partner, Tia, has joined the team as a Poised for Success Freestyle judge.










I consider it an honor to serve as a judge for Poised for Success Freestyle.


I would like to tell you a little bit about myself in the world of dogs.


Working with dogs has been my lifelong passion. Following my dad's example I am a second generation dog trainer and competitor. My roots run deep as a dog enthusiast. As well as Canine Musical Freestyle, I've taught, competed and taken many dogs to their Championship in Obedience, Agility and Conformation in Canada and the USA.


As a dog trainer, over 30 years ago I knew that there had to be a better way of dog training than what was being offered locally at that time. After attending seminars and taking courses offered by trainers who inspired me and I respected, I founded Creative Pet Solutions a Canadian based dog training facility. My philosophy in dog training and competition became and still is no force ever! ...and of course positive reinforcement.


I have lived with many breeds of dogs. My very first dog was a Rough Collie and her name was Blondie. There were a lot of dogs and many breeds after Blondie, but thirty years ago I acquired my first Bearded Collie, Maggie May, and fell in love with the breed!  Over the years the number of Beardies in my home increased. In 2017 I watched a Bearded Collie perform in Freestyle at the Crufts Dog Show. This was incredible and I had to find out more!


After a very lengthy search I was unable to find an 'in person' Freestyle trainer; then one day I saw, on a dog training page that I was a member of, an ad posted by Kristine offering online Freestyle lessons! I was overjoyed to say the least; I signed up immediately and my dog and I became hooked on Freestyle!


Early in 2022 my Bearded Collie Tia earned her PFS Freestyle Championship! Kristine has been my teacher, mentor and friend throughout this amazing journey. Without Kristine, Tia and I would not have been able to pursue and enjoy this fantastic sport. Currently I am working with my daughter's Havanese in Freestyle. Also, I will be introducing a new dance partner in the fall of 2022.


As a judge I look forward to seeing teams  individual style including their unique differences, watching their interpretation, being a part of their growth and encouraging them as they navigate their journey in Poised for Success Freestyle.





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