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Catalog of Online Classes


The following classes are offered online through Poised for Success.

Currently, classes are scheduled by request.  If you would like to take any of the following classes, please contact Kristine at:


When a class is requested, it will be placed on the schedule and run as soon as possible.




Poised for Success Freestyle


Introduction to the Poised for Success Freestyle Program


Poised for Success Freestyle:  Mastering the Melody Division


Poised for Success Freestyle:  Harmony Division



General Canine Musical Freestyle


Heeling to Music Exercises


   This class explores different and fun ways to practice the art of    movement to music.


   Six different movement configurations will be presented, with which    a dog and handler team can build skill, confidence, joy, enthusiasm,    movement duration, or any other performance criteria.


   Teams may elect to work on precision of movement, enthusiasm    while moving as a team, improvement of movement in a particular    position, basic heelwork skills, mutual attention, or any personal    goal that would benefit the team.


   While the main focus of this class is heelwork, some other related    skills, such as transitions, will be covered, as well.


   This class is appropriate for dog and handler teams of all skill    levels.  The configurations can be used to introduce heelwork skills,    and they can be used to develop more advanced Freestyle    performance skills.


   Exercises can be practiced in large spaces or smaller spaces,    indoors or outdoors, on leash or off leash.



Go the Distance


   Building duration and reduction of reinforcers



Poised for Performance


   We spend much of our training time with our dogs working on sport    skills.  And then, when we ask our dogs to perform those behaviors    for title submission, motivation wanes, or overstimulation kicks in, or    they begin to engage in stress-relieving behaviors, such as sniffing.


   The goal of this class is to help our canine partners to become more    engaged sport partners through cultivation of an attitude of joy,    confidence, focus, and enthusiasm.  Although I will focus on the    contexts of Canine Musical Freestyle and Canine Parkour, these    skills can transfer to other sports (Agility, Rally, etc.), as well.


   This class is based largely on the exercises and games of Leslie    McDevitt's Control Unleashed, in addition to other focus and    confidence building exercises.  We will address skills to build both    confidence and self-control.


   Does your dog lose focus in the ring?  Does your dog "deflate"

   when asked to perform in a titling context?  Does your dog have    difficulty performing full length Freestyle routines without food or    toys present?  Does your dog have issues with judges, cameras, or    the presence of people during performances?


   The games and techniques of Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed    can help!  In this class, a few of the basic Control Unleashed games    will be introduced and then we will explore how to apply those    games to your individual performance and competition challenges

   to improve confidence, focus, and enthusiasm.




The Most Basic Basics of Canine Musical Freestyle


   This class will provide a basic introduction to Canine Musical    Freestyle.


   In this class, I will cover the simplest basics of Musical Freestyle:


       Introduction to the most basic and fundamental Freestyle moves

       Working with Music

       Basic position work


       Simple sequencing

       Introduction to Transitions

       Titling Venue Options


   This is a great "sampler" course for anyone interested in getting into    Freestyle, or an excellent starter class for a beginner Freestyle dog    with an experienced handler!



Introduction to the Cyber Rally-O Dance Divisions


   Are you interested in Canine Musical Freestyle, but unsure about    creating routines?


   Do you and your dog enjoy heelwork and want to try something    new?


   Are you looking for a fun challenge?


   You may enjoy the Cyber Rally-O Dance Divisions.


   In this class, I will introduce the skills needed to complete the CRO    Dance Division patterns at the first two levels - Preliminary and



   We will train the basic skills needed for each pattern - this part can    be done in small spaces.


   We will also take our training out on the road to perform the full size    patterns.


   For titling submission, a 30 X 40 ring space is needed.


   We will discuss titling and video submission rules for this venue.


   For those who are interested in titling, we will work together to    prepare your first video submission.


   I will also cover the music requirement, and how to add the music

   to your videos on YouTube.





Skills Intensive:  Backing, Laterals, and Pivots (Mini-Class)



Canine Parkour


Introduction to Parkour Skills, Fun, and Titling



   Canine Parkour, which is loosely considered to be a form of the    sport of Agility, is a somewhat new dog sport.  In Canine Parkour,    the handler teaches the dog to carry out a series of Interactions,    such as:  jumping, putting two or four paws on, going under, going    between, walking across, going around, backing between or onto,    and sending to, or around.  One the Interactions are taught, the dog    and handler go out into the world and perform them using different    objects in the environment.  Typically, one Interaction is performed    at a time, but there are also opportunities for sequencing.

   Canine Parkour is an excellent activity for confidence building,    fostering teamwork between dog and handler, and physical fitness    for both dog and handler.  Parkour is an appropriate activity for a    young dog in training, for an older dog with limited mobility, and for    dogs of every age and circumstance in between.


   In this multi-level class, an introduction to the sport of Canine    Parkour wil be provided for teams that are new, and more    experienced teams will be encouraged to hone those skills, always    with emphasis on greater enjoyment of the Parkour experience for    both dog and handler.


   For those who are interested in titling, the basics of preparing titling    submissions will be discussed for the titling venue of your choice.



Beyond the Basics:  Building Parkour Skills


Advanced Parkour Skills


Parkour Sequencing (Mini-Class)


Parkour Coaching



Poised for Parkour


Canine Parkour is unique among dog sports because we ask our dogs to perform trained behaviors in a context where they are more often free to simply "be dogs".  Because of this, dogs sometimes struggle to transition to an engaged, focused, and motivated mindset when we want them to perform Parkour Interactions.


In this class, we will explore techniques that you can work on with your dog to build focus, engagment, and enthusiasm that will carry over into different locations, environments, and situations.

We will discuss approaches that you can use with your dog, while creating Parkour entries out and about in the world, that will allow your dog to fully enjoy the adventure and exploration side of Parkour, while offering focus and engagement while performing an Interaction.

This class is designed so that all of the training can be done indoors.  Instruction will be given for outdoor transition, but that can be saved for warmer weather.






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