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Student Feedback


Introduction to Parkour




I think I've enjoyed this course more than


any other I've taken, dog-related or




                                                                                                          - Marg and Hudson




Heeling to Music Exercises



"I'm really liking the class!  Thanks for the clear writeups and videos!"


"Transitions were brand new to Desi, and I'm delighted with how smoothly your way of introducing them has worked."


                               - Kate and Desi in Iowa





"The online classes worked perfectly for my two boys, Harvey and Dewey.  I really enjoyed doing all of the exercises with them.  It was also so much fun to share our progress and read the feedback from others.  It really helped me maintain a good training structure as well as getting some great information.  Also, I found the online classes to be very convenient for my busy schedule.  I work long, odd hours, volunteer, take educational classes, etc.  It was very easy to work around my schedule but still be able to participate in the Poised for Success classes.  It is also nice to be able to learn from a qualified instructor from a distance."


                     - Stephanie and Harvey and Dewey



Poised for Performance


"This is my first online class and it is lots of fun and very interesting.  I enjoy the videos, exercises, and lectures..  It is very well organized and everything is explained and shown on video.  Just after a few of the exercises I have noticed better focus with Stretch.  I will take what we are learning into the competition ring and everday life.  I highly recommend this class"


                                    - Angie and Stretch



"Dusty and I totally enjoyed the class.  The structure of the curriculum, the video demos of Kristine and her dogs, the written materials, and the group energy all contributed to making this a very fun and rewarding experience.  This class is well worth your time and money."


                                    - Jude and Dusty






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